Sen. Paul Claims His GOP Vision Differs from Trump

Jul 27, 2016

Credit Stu Johnson -WEKU News

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul admits his philosophy on expanding the Republican Party differs from its presidential nominee Donald Trump.  Paul held a town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon in downtown Lexington. 

Afterwards, he said there are different approaches to growing the Republican Party.  Paul says he wants a bigger more inclusive Party, “I’m not saying he doesn’t, but I have a different way of approaching it, of trying to welcome people into the party."  "And, I’ll continue to be that distinct voice,” added the senator.

Paul told supporters the Republican Party needs people of all walks of life, adding "rich-poor, white-black-brown, with tattoos and without tattoos, with pony tails and without pony tails."

The Kentucky senator commented that he would like to see tax changes to benefit college students.  While not agreeing with free tuition, as proposed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Paul would like to see new ways to recover some of the costs of college.  He would like to see students’ entire tuition deductible, “I think it’s a business expense.  You’re studying to be an accountant and you go to school for four years, that’s a business expense for four years.”

The Bowling Green Republican envisions former students taking a $2000 deduction each year for 20 years to cover college expenses.   Paul believes increased competition through online instruction could help bring down the cost of higher education.  The senator held his event just a block from Lexington's city hall and the office of his political opponent Jim Gray. ​