Second Chinese School in Lexington

Jul 25, 2012

To meet growing demand, a second school for students interested in Chinese language and culture will be established in Lexington.   Beginning in mid-August, three hours of class will be held each Saturday at Beaumont Middle School.  The classes are designed for children and adults…both Chinese and American-born.  Wei  Luo  is president of the Kentucky Chinese American Association.  “One reason is cultural interest.  Another reason is some people will travel to China and also they want to do some business in China.  They really want to know Chinese,” said Luo.

Luo says many Chinese children born in the U-S are not fluent in Chinese or fully aware of their nation’s culture.

“Culture wise, we’ll have an arts cultural class that will focus on dance, painting, or Tai Chi or whatever.  But that is a separate class. But, even in the language class, we will integrate some cultural things,” added Luo.

The tuition ranges from 110 to 130 dollars for the fall semester.  A Chinese school already exists on the Tates Creek campus.