As School Begins So Does The Need For Extra Caution Around Pedestrians

Aug 12, 2019


Pedestrian safety will take on new meaning  Wednesday as Lexington students head back into the classroom. 

Lexington Police Sergeant Donnell Gordon said it’s important for motorists to ‘get patience back.’  He added one of the biggest safety risk for pedestrians occurs when they don't walk within the painted crosswalks. “It’s kind of shocking when somebody, they’re crossing in the middle of the road and you’re not expected that.  So, it’s one of those things that for pedestrians and small children and for the parents that are walking these kids.  Just to make sure you teach them the proper places to cross the street,” said Gordon.

When crossing a street within a crosswalk, Gordon said it’s still important to make eye contact with the driver of vehicles approaching the crosswalk.

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