Sanitation Workers Urge Council To Address Equitable Pay

May 15, 2019


  People inspired by the People’s Campaign asked the Urban County Council for equitable pay for sanitation workers.

Javier Perez told the council that he has put in his two weeks notice to take a job with higher pay. He says there are newly hired coworkers who make more money than he does.

“When you start new drivers on $19 and I'm teaching drivers and I'm making $18. That don’t make sense,” he said.

Perez was one of four people who expressed concerns over new employees making more money than people with years on the job.

The speakers also said that a consultant’s report that showed Lexington’s salaries were in line with other cities of a similar size was misleading.

Several council members thanked the sanitation employees for their work doing a dangerous job.

Councilperson Mary Lamb told the audience that the council will continue to investigate the issue.

“We might not find the solution today but I promise that we will find a solution,” she said.

The issue will be again be discussed in June.

The People's Campaign began promoting issues of poverty In Kentucky about three years ago. It is an extension of a campaign in the 1960s by Dr. Martin Luther King that began by advocating for sanitation workers in Memphis.

People's Campaign Chairman Rev. L. Clark Williams said his group will continue to support the sanitation workers and are planning a rally in August.