Recanvass in six Kentucky House districts

Nov 14, 2018

Credit Wendy Barnett

County officials will review election results in six Kentucky House districts that were narrowly decided on Election Day. 

Republicans won 59 seats in the House last week, while Democrats won 35. 

Candidates in six races have requested a check of vote totals—known as a “recanvass”. 

A recanvass is being held Thursday in District 27, which covers Meade County and a portion of Hardin County. Republican Nancy Tate leads Democrat Jeff Greer in that race by six votes.

Votes are also being checked in Fayette County’s District 88, where Democrat Cherlynn Stevenson leads Republican Bill Farmer by 48 votes.

Other checks are occurring in Districts 81, 91 and 96. Fewer than 50 votes separate candidates in each of those races.

A recanvass is also being held in Owensboro, where only one vote separates Democrat Jim Glenn and Republican Representative D-J Johnson in the race for the 13th District House seat.