Rand Paul's Name on Caucus Ballot, Worries About Turnout Among Republicans

Senator Rand Paul’s name will appear on the ballot at this Saturday’s Kentucky presidential caucus, even though he ended his White House bid a month ago. 

The names of all the eleven Republican candidates who originally filed to participate in the Kentucky caucus will remain on the ballot. However, signs will be posted at caucus sites informing participants which candidates have dropped out of the race.

Scott Hofstra is chairman of the Central Kentucky Tea Party in Elizabethtown. He says he’ll be looking to see what role Paul supporters play at the caucus.

“I’ve talked to a number of Rand Paul folks who are going to show up Saturday because his name is going to be on the ballot. They’re going to vote for him anyway, just to see if they can get enough votes to start getting him delegates, and hopefully be able to work something out at the convention in Cleveland," Hofstra says.

Hofstra adds he’s worried the Saturday event will have low turnout. He says he’s talked to many conservatives across the state who aren’t aware the GOP is holding a caucus this weekend.