Rains Welcome But Drought And Fire Concerns Remain

Oct 8, 2019

Credit wymt

Rain across Kentucky is bringing relief to areas dealing with drought over the last month.

Jackson National Weather Service Meteorologist Ed Ray said a few spots have seen as much as four inches of rain in the last couple days.  But, Ray noted flash flooding is not likely.

“A lot of the moisture’s been going to reconstitute the water levels in the soil itself.  And then, once that occurs, you start to get more and more that will drain off, run off into the streams and rivers,” said Ray.

Ray said the rains may not be consider a drought breaker, but will certainly help a great deal.  He said the next chance for precipitation will likely come with a quick hitting system the end of this week.

The rain is also assisting fire fighters in their efforts to put out wildfires in Kentucky, but a U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman said they won’t be a long term solution.  Public Affairs Oicer Christy Wampler said the moisture may help fire crews catch up.  But she adds the rains have knocked down leaves which could become fuel with just a few days of drying. 

Wampler said the Sky Bridge fire in the Red River Gorge is 75% contained and the 400 plus acre fire centered in Rockcastle County is 95% contained.  The fire service official said there’s no change in the fire restriction, which bans campfires outside of metal ringed sites in designated places in the Daniel Boone Forest.​

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