Q Supporters Weigh In, Listener Says We Don't Treat Gov. Bevin Fairly

Aug 14, 2017

Here's an email from Marilyn in Lexington, "Recently a listener commented that WEKU should replace the program Q.  However, I enjoy Q and hope it stays on the air." 

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Marilyn continues, "It is very interesting to me to hear news and cultural commentary from outside the US.  It allows me to hear an outside perspective on our own country, as well take a peek into the lives of our Canadian neighbors.  

I have realized that I actually know very little about Canada, despite our huge shared border.

I have been particularly interested to hear the ways in which Canadians grapple with their history regarding their indigenous populations, how they negotiate living with two official languages, and a bit about their political structure.  

Although I don't understand or care about every topic that is addressed, that is no different from any other program that addresses a range of issues."

Alyce is another fan of the afternoon show from the CBC, "Though some don’t like Q, I think keeping that program and BBC Newshour plus BBC World Service are important to hearing diverse programming and points of view instead of our own tedious US echoes.

On Point and the insightful questions and hot topics is surely a keeper as are most of the other programs EXCEPT that boring and dreary Prairie Home Companion striking out twice on weekends and Ask Me Another, the time wasting pitiful failure to be anything entertaining or informative."

Lawrence wrote to us a number of times last week, criticizing WEKU for what he considers a lack of balance and fairness.

Referring to the Is WEKU going to report this great bit of information about our Governor?  You sure report hot and heavy about the accusation(s) against him, but keep quiet on positive news re; him. It's so hilarious how you thoroughly report negative news about Matt Bevin, but barely mention at all the many great things he is accomplishing for the State of KY. Fair and balanced reporting.  It's laughable.  I don't know how you promote yourselves with a straight face.

My favorite way to tell all who will listen about NPR is "Not all things considered", just left, liberal, democrat agenda driven "Things" are considered.  You may hide it better than the CNN types, but you're not fooling anyone."

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