Properly Recycle Oil After Frying Thanksgiving Turkey

Nov 27, 2019

file photo

Lexington city officials are urging citizens to take the proper steps to dispose of used cooking oil following the Thanksgiving feast. 

Angela Poe, senior program manager in Environmental Quality and Public Works, said frying turkeys creates a lot of grease.  Poe added if poured down a sink drain, it can cause serious backups.

“Then it clogs pipes at their house and it also clogs sewer pipes that lead to the waste water treatment plants.  When that happens it can lead to overflows and no one wants water from the sewers overflowing into streets,” said Poe.

Poe said one option putting the solidified grease into the garbage. Another option taking used grease to Redwood Cooperative School on Crestwood Drive in Lexington between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 Friday.  From there it goes to an energy lab in Lexington where a small amount is used for biofuel research. The rest is used to create biofuel.

Poe said last year some 400 gallons of used cooking oil were brought to the drop-off location.

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