Propane Costs On The Rise This Winter

Dec 26, 2017

Credit IStock

Kentuckians are being told to take steps now to prepare for their home heating 
demands this winter. 

Inventories of U.S. heating oil and propane are lower this year than last year. Weather is the main factor in the demand for propane and colder winters both increase demand and impact deliveries. While propane production has increased in the U.S. the past several years, there are several challenges, including less storage capacity at production facilities.

There’s also been an increase in exports and bottlenecks in the transportation infrastructure. The industry has some tips for the roughly 6 percent of Kentucky households that use propane. They include signing up for automatic delivery rather than calling at the last minute.

Sign up for budget payment plans that will allow customers to spread payments over time. Another piece of advice is to know how much propane is left in the tank and call the supplier when the level hits ten to 15 percent. And finally, have a professional perform regular maintenance to increase fuel efficiency.

As of November, the average price for residential propane in Kentucky was $2.20 ts a gallon, a 17 percent increase from a year ago.