Pilot Study on Jockey Injuries Begins this Summer

Jun 14, 2016

Credit money.cnn.com

    A pilot study could lead to increased standards for health and injury care for jockeys. The University of Kentucky-Jockey Guild review covers a three-year period.

The study is the first of its kind within the horse racing industry. There is no current database for tracking when a jockey has any type of injury, especially dangerous concussions.

UK graduate athletic training director Carl Mattacola will oversee the project.  He believes it will help ensure jockeys are getting the best in science and medicine in assessing injuries.  “Infrastructure for jockeys, for medical care, is different from a lot of professional sports or even for university,” suggested Mattacola. “This pilot program will allow us to test the efficiency and management of concussions as well as injuries for jockeys.”

The pilot program will be integrated on racetracks around the country.   Mattacola says it will give a standard of care to the horseracing industry that was previously reserved for other sports. ​