Pavement Penetrating Radar Used in Lexington

May 9, 2018


Pavement penetrating radar was used as part of a demonstration project along a section of Lexington’s New Circle Road Wednesday. 

Clark Graves is associate director at the University of Kentucky Transportation Center. "You use this technology, potentially use this technology, to determine what the best treatment is, so that you basically then use the available funds that you have most efficiently,” said Graves. 

Graves says the test run covered a portion of relatively new roadway as well as an older section of New Circle Road.   He says the aim was to evaluate what’s just under the surface. “It’s focused downward into the ground or into the pavement and from the reflections of the waves that go into the pavement, you can determine underlying pavement conditions, moisture,” said Graves.  “Then you can use that information to determine what the best fix is moving forward, if you’re getting ready to rehabilitate the road.” 

Graves says the technology has been used in other states. The demonstration in central Kentucky was to see if it can work with weather conditions in the Commonwealth.