Paul Argues With Polling, Remains Optimistic on Presidential Bid

Dec 21, 2015


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul believes his presidential bid will “exceed expectations.” Speaking in Bowling Green Monday, Paul discredited polling that shows him trailing badly for the Republican nomination.

"We think that a lot of young people are not included in polls, college students and younger people with cell phones, and we think that's where our great strength is," Paul told WKU Public Radio.  "We also think we do better with independents than any other candidates, and independents are allowed to vote in the caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire."

A recent average of seven national polls taken this month shows Paul with less than 2-and-a-half-percent support in the GOP presidential primary.

"The polls that are out there are kind of like American Idol," he added.  "They're sort of a quick popularity contest, but they aren't necessarily polling voters."

Paul said he would re-assess his campaign after elections are held in the four early-voting states. Paul says given the number of undecided voters, he thinks the GOP race for president is still wide open.

Although he said Donald Trump’s front-runner status is concerning, he would support him if he becomes the eventual nominee.  However, he thinks Trump would be "wiped out in a landslide" in the general election. 

Meanwhile, Paul also continues campaigning for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat.  Paul touted a list of endorsements issued Monday by Kentucky's federal and state delegation, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, all five Republican congressmen, the governor, and the GOP leaders in the state legislature.