Participant At Carbon 2019 Reflects On Priorities In His Home Country Of Spain

Jul 22, 2019

More than 400 participants at the Carbon 2019 Conference in Lexington last week.
Credit University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

The recent Carbon 2019 conference in downtown Lexington featured scientists, university researchers, and commercial representatives from 31 countries. 

Ignasio Martin Gullon is from Spain.  He’s done sabbatical work at the University of Kentucky Center of Applied Energy Research.  Martin Gullon said in his home country there is a lot of interest in carbon at a university level.

“When it’s done in Europe it’s more academic than industrial.  Here, the way it is done, I like it more because we see people from companies.  That means they like what the academics do.” Martin Gullon said.

Martin Gullon added much of the carbon focus up to this point in Spain has been on energy issues related to coal.  But, he envisions future work to include more medical applications for carbon.  “I see future of using carbon nano materials to be used in the medicine sector, just to filter viruses for cleaning air of viruses especially, so that we can drop and then to prevent the movement,” explained Martin Gullon. 

Martin Gullon says much carbon attention currently is in the area of energy.  The Spanish researcher says Spain is rich in coal, but not in oil.​

Here's more of the interview with Ignacio Martin Gullon:

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