Panhandling in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

May 2, 2017

Have you noticed panhandlers at interstate exits and street corners?  Maybe in downtown Lexington or other communities?


After the State Supreme court ruling that struck down Lexington’s panhandling ordinance, the issue has had officials scrambling to find answers to this community problem, with meetings to address the issue taking place all month long.

On this week’s Eastern Standard: Panhandling in the Commonwealth.


One of the solutions for the panhandling problem in Kentucky is the new LexGives van. This, and other solutions and issues regarding those holding cardboard signs at intersections will be the topic of this week's Eastern Standard.
Credit Stu Johnson, EST



Guests on this week's program include:

Pam Brooks: Director of Communication and Public outreach for End Pandhandling now, a combined effort of Lexington's New Day Life Center and Lexington/Fayette County Urban Government. Worked with organizer of the new LEXgives van program that seeks to help the homeless with jobs beautfiying the city, paying those panhandling $9.00 an hour. The new program begins May 8th.

Commander Mike Wright: Lexington Police Department office of the Chief.

Morgan Eaves: Richmond City Commissioner. Native of Richmond, and an attorney concentrating on general civil litigation. Morgan is a founding member of Richmond Young Professional Association, and a member of the Richmond Area Arts Council Board of Directors, and also serves as a Gubernatorial appointee on the Consumers' Advisory Council.

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