Panel Sends "In God We Trust" Motto Bill To The Full Senate

Mar 12, 2019


Legislation requiring public schools to display the national motto “In God, We Trust” in a prominent location is nearing final approval. The measure got the backing of the Senate Education Committee Monday. 

Hodgenville Representative Brandon Reed told the committee 19 other states have taken similar action.  He said it sends a positive message to students. “Our national motto is above the president’s podium, above the speaker’s podium.  It’s above our committee chair’s podium in this room today.  It’s on numerous public buildings.  It’s on our currency,” said Reed.

Crescent Hill Baptist Church Pastor Jason Crosby spoke in opposition to the measure.  The Louisville man called it a waste of time and resources, saying it could cause, quote, “many students to feel unwelcomed in the very place they should feel most welcomed.”  “Christians are called to love one another and you are not loving someone else if you demand that they conform to your way and perspective.  That’s not love.  That’s not placing your trust in God.  That’s imposing your power on others.  That would be state-sanctioned school bullying,” said Crosby.

The bill easily passed in the Kentucky House and is now before the full Senate.