Paducah Chef Sara Bradley To Compete On Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’

Oct 18, 2018

Chef Sara Bradley

The next season of Top Chef takes place in Kentucky- which a Bravo executive recently characterized as a ‘rising culinary destination’ in an interview with People magazine.

Sara Bradley is the chef at farm-to-table restaurant freight house in Paducah. She is only Kentuckian competing in her home state this season and says she felt like a tour guide for the other contestants.

Bradley tells WKMS: “I could point and tell them factual information, history about Kentucky, things like that. But it was also some added pressure- I felt a little added pressure being the only one, I really wanted to make all the other Kentuckians proud.” 

Bradley says Kentucky cuisine is more than hot browns and Benedictine. She says the culture of food in Commonwealth is directly linked to the state’s agricultural base- where people use local products and pass down recipes to each new generation.

The new season of Top Chef premieres December 6th.