Opera House Announces Series Lineup

May 21, 2015

Credit lexingtoncenter.com

The upcoming season of "Broadway Live" and "Variety Live" at Lexington's Opera House will include a number of prominent shows.  The combined eight-show lineup, announced this week, features seven Broadway musicals and one international dance performance. 

With this the 39th year, Opera House Program Director Luanne Franklin says there's an eye toward Season 40. “It's one of those crazy things where the first Broadway Live show happened in the spring of 1976, so it's like when do you really celebrate that, the year before the year after," said Franklin.

Franklin says next year's celebration will coincide with Lexington Center's signature anniversary.  The "Broadway Live" and "Variety Live" season runs from September through April. 

Throughout the year, the Lexington Opera House is heavily used for school performances.  Franklin says those shows create opportunities to experience theater and learn as well.  "Young people learn about theater etiquette and they learn the differences of a live performance in an intimate theater where you're going to learn respect for your fellow audience members, respect for the talent on stage and even respect for a historical venue like ours," added Franklin.

Among the shows scheduled are Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Mamma Mia, Stomp, and Flashdance.​