One and a Half Million Dollars to Go for Hazard Water Project

Oct 16, 2014


Residents of an eastern Kentucky town can look forward to a new sewer system.  During a stop in Hazard Thursday, Governor Steve Beshear brought word of state funding for the project.

You might not think construction of a new sewer system would be a headline grabber.  But, to many people in the Hazard community, it will mean increased security for a critical utility. 

During the winter of 2009-20-10, the Hazard water treatment and distribution system experienced severe failures.  Some areas saw water outages for up to 45 days. 

Governor Beshear announced yesterday one and a half million dollars will be spent on design and construction of improvements in water treatment, distribution, and billing.  The governor said the project will increase Hazard's water storage capacity and strengthen dependability.  To date, the project has reached 60 percent completion.​