New Leader Named To Kentucky Commission on Women

Feb 13, 2017

Danette Wilder has been appointed the chairwoman of the Kentucky Commission on Women.

The new chairwoman of the Kentucky Commission on Women is stepping into a brand new role, different than her position as head of an advanced technology firm.

Danette Wilder is president of SealingLife Technology. She said one goal of the Commission this year will be to influence the lives of women in areas like education, entrepreneurship, health and well-being.  Wilder said pay equity remains an issue.

“You can’t go onto the internet, you can’t pick up any book and not see that hit you right in the face,” she said.

Wilder admits she is not politically active.  She said her acceptance of a leadership role on the Kentucky Commission on Women came with that understanding.  She said she hopes the organization can help women move through, what she termed, “the treacherous waters of being a minority in business or life.” 

She was one of six people appointed to the commission by Bevin last week.