New Corner Market Opens

May 16, 2011

Mayor Jim Gray, business and other community leaders helped cut the ribbon today at the Town Branch Market, a new corner grocery shop in downtown Lexington. Alan Lytle has details.

A month ago, downtown Lexington had no grocery shops. Now it has two with the latest opening for business on Monday. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton and business leaders helped cut the ribbon on the new Town Branch Market at the corner of East Main and Esplanade. The shop carries fresh produce, baked goods, and other food store staples for which owner Howard Stovall found a need after doing some unscientific market research.

"When Rite Aid was gone, people found they would have to get in the car, get out of the garage, and go somewhere on their lunch hour to get something. And, I kept thinking somebody's going to take care of this, and it wasn't happening."

Late last month, Shorty's Grocery Market opened on West Short Street. Both stores are designed to fill the niche left vacant after the closure of Rite Aid and to help meet some basic needs of downtown residents, visitors, and workers