More Feedback on Fundraising, Las Vegas, Pension Story, EST on Small Town Prides

Oct 16, 2017

We’re still getting comments about how we handled fundraising on the day following the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Here’s one from the Listener Comment Line.  

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“Listening this morning to your fundraising and also to the coverage of Las Vegas and I was shocked to hear one of the commenters say, ‘Well yeah, this is tragic but frankly tragedy happens every day. Come on, people! I will not be listening to your station or contributing.  I thought that was so insensitive.”

Our Eastern Standard show of almost two weeks ago on small town LGBTQ pride events received a number of comments, especially on Twitter. 

For example, this one Jonathan Scott, @jonscott81.  He wrote, “Thank you, @889WEKU NPR, for this educational and entertaining segment about #LGBT equality and fairness in Kentucky.”

Uncle Tyler‏ @good2bsimple  tweeted about a news feature, saying “Lisa Autry did a great piece on KY public pensions, but there was no mention of tax revenue, only cutting benefits #WhatsMissing

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