More Feedback on Ark Encounter Story, 'Holes' in NPR Shows, AP Funding Credits

Jul 24, 2017

We had a couple more comments in response to Cheri Lawson’s July 14 story following the first anniversary of the Ark Encounter Noah’s Ark park..

You can see them for yourself on the website. But a couple of highlights,  Mark comments, “…..why is it always ‘banjo’ music that's performed. Even in the bluegrass state that sounds racist to call it 'banjo' music. 'Live' music is the correct term that should be used.”

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A writer, identifying as “AntithiChrist,” commented, “This fairly non-critical piece ignores a huge, ark-sized, underperforming elephant in the room. But in fairness it sounds like the Williamstown mayor, and quite possibly the city council, still isn't willing to admit that Williamstown has been taken in by a world class snake oil salesman, Ken Hamm.”

Now, we come to Marvin, from Lawrenceburg. First, let me say we are grateful for his 1500-plus word email, which, by the way, he says is “Part 1.”

We won’t be able to use much of it in what remains of this week’s 1:55 feedback segment.  Hopefully, we’ll come back to his remarks next week or beyond.

Let me zero in on a couple of issues, namely the “holes” he has noticed in NPR news magazines.

The fact is, the formats for Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Here and Now are designed to leave room for local information so each station can customize the shows and provide local news and other segments. The idea is that the shows are really co-productions of NPR and the stations, ideally to better serve our local audiences.

As for the “Associated Press News is supported by…” credits, they are frankly our way of paying for the use of the AP.  Twelve of them every weekday, so we can avoid paying thousands of dollars for the news service.  One way we’re trying to be frugal in the use of our limited funds.

Thanks again, Marvin for the feedback.  I will sincerely look forward to Part 2.

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