Model Lab School Welcomes New Principal

Jun 29, 2018

file photo
Credit Stu Johnson

The new principal at Model Laboratory School on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus is excited about the opportunity to explore the school’s relationship with college students.   Naylor, who served as a Marine, is optimistic about seeing a new Model building near its current location.

David Naylor has been an educator for 13 years. In recent years he’s worked in Florida as an assistant principal at a fine arts academy and an elementary school.

He comes to Model as the school community is exploring a new building.

Naylor says it’s too early to set a timeline but he envisions a new school is, quote, “not that far off.”  In the meantime, there are plans to do some minor improvements. “Most the stuff we’re doing is, what I would call a little bit of a facelift.  It’s not major overhauls because we need to use that money for the new school that we want,” said Naylor.

EKU administrators had explored converting Model to a charter school as part of a funding strategy to build a new facility, but that changed when the state legislature decided not to fund charters.  But Naylor says he’s mostly concerned now with class scheduling and curriculum.