Medium Security Prison Offering State's First Aftercare Program

Jul 9, 2019

Credit Kentucky Department of Corrections

A central Kentucky prison is home to the state’s first aftercare program for inmates who have completed in custody drug treatment.  An official unveiling occurred Tuesday at the medium security Northpoint Training Center near Danville.

Supporting Others in Active Recovery, SOAR, focuses on relapse prevention, education, and reentry skills.  The 44 inmates  in the program currently live together in the dorm with room for another 44 participants.  Veronica Hunt is a branch manager for the Division of Substance Abuse in state corrections.

“We did this because we wanted a better hand off from treatment to the community.  A lot of our guys had more time to serve, so they would be back in general population and we didn’t want that to happen anymore,” said Hunt.

Gevoyl  Beauchamp is 30.  He started using drugs at 14 and is ready for a complete break from drug use. “I don’t want to deal with drugs or anything.  They took my urge away and want me to do something better with my life,” said Beauchamp

What are your goals going forward? Asked WEKU’s Stu Johnson

“I want to work doing construction.  Find something productive to do,” added Beauchamp.

The program is funded in part by a $300,000 grant from the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy.  Kentucky Justice Secretary John Tilley said he would like to see similar programs at other state prisons.

Kentucky Justice Secretary John Tilley's interview:

SOAR participant Christopher Miller, who is three months into the aftercare program:

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