Local Beef Initiative Launched This Spring

May 7, 2018

Credit wkms.org

Kentucky cattle producers are hoping to see more of their beef show up at local grocery stores.  That ‘farm to table’ initiative began earlier this spring.

The local beef product program affiliated with Kroger officially launched in mid-March. It includes a processing facility in Wolfe County and packaging plant in Louisville.  Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Vice President Dave Maples admits it’s hard to say how much this effort will benefit cattle farmers. “I think it’s all going to depend on the consumer.  If the consumer wants it and willing to buy it, then we can grow.  The more we sell, the more it’s going to help the farmer,” said Maples.

With Kentucky having roughly 38,000 cattle farmers, it is the largest producer east of the Mississippi River.  Last week, some 2,000 pounds of local ground beef were donated to God’s Pantry Food Bank.