Listener Feedback on A Prairie Home Companion, What About HD Radio?

Aug 28, 2017

We received n email from William in Lexington, “I hope that you will give serious consideration to renewing Prairie Home Companion for next season. I am truly tired of listening to re-broadcasts!”

American Public Media, producers of A Prairie Home Companion, have announced plans for the 2017-18 season to begin with a “live” show Saturday October 7.  It is my understanding that they intention is to get back to a production schedule closer to what was the case when Garrison Keillor was hosting.

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We ARE keeping an eye on what they’re doing as well as responses from listeners such as yourself and the audience research in the form of ratings.  I can tell you that the show continues to hold its own with no immediate indication of a drop in audience since Chris Thile took over.

Michael wrote to both our stations, Classic 102.1 and 88.9 WEKU, asking, “You guys have the best classical station around, and I'll even go so far as to say you beat the classical stations in Nashville, where I used to work.  Any chance your system of stations will ever start broadcasting in HD?”

The answer, Michael is maybe. We are in need of a new transmitter for 88.9 in Richmond/Lexington and we are planning to get one that can operate in HD.

We are also still considering ways to extend our classical music service to a wider area. That may include HD at some point in the future. Stay tuned for more about our efforts with both stations.

A website visitor identifying as “Chadwick” commented on the news story headlined: Bevin Calls Removal Of Confederate Monuments A 'Sanitization Of History'.

He writes, “I am truly saddened and embarrassed by the false moral equivalency perpetuated by our governor, as well as his ever-increasing mimicking of Trump's crass political rhetoric. It dishonors our state and the good people who live here, while furthering the stereotype that we are all confederate sympathizers and racists. Both men should be ashamed.”

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