Listener Feedback About Special 'From the Top,' Signal Outage on 102.1

Jun 19, 2017

We begin with a call to the Listener Comment Line from Linda, in Lexington, “My husband and I listened to the “From the Top” broadcast on Sunday evening.  We listened to that all the time when we lived in Boston."

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Linda continues, "We were so happy to hear it and we would just love it if there would be a way for us to regularly here “From the Top” on public radio.”

Then there’s this comment received Saturday, “I just wondering why your station 102.1 is not on the air today. They have technical broadcasting difficulties, I suppose?  That’s all.”

And, yes we did have a problem with Classic 102.1 starting midday Friday.  It was caused by an outage of Internet service which AT&T was finally able to restore on Saturday.

Meanwhile, we received this note by email,   “Is there a place to find the playlist that aired during the technical difficulties period on 6/16,  7:00 pm-8:00 pm.  A link or list?”

Regrettably I do not think we have a playlist readily available for the two hours of backup programming we repeated numerous times on Friday evening and part of Saturday.

We did have numerous comments from listeners who enjoyed the eclectic mix.

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