Listener Feedback About Shows on Eclipse, Kentucky History Plus Story Suggestion

Sep 11, 2017

We begin with a call from the Listener Comment line, listener Dave, “I’d like to comment on your Eastern Standard on the eclipse. The last 20 minutes was very instructive." 

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Dave goes on to list two things he appreciated about the show, “Number one, the professor from Western Kentucky University and number two, the gentleman who called about Alaska.

It convinced my daughter and I to go up and view it and 99 percent wasn’t 100, as the professor said and it did make a big difference. So, kudos to both those gentlemen and Eastern Standard.”

Here’s an email from Lisa, in response to the encore Eastern Standard show about Kentucky history that we aired on the weekend before Labor Day.

She writes, “Someone asked you about Cane Ridge Shrine.  Located in Bourbon County, outside Paris, Cane Ridge Meeting House is the site of a key camp meeting/revival from the 2nd Great Awakening.

The reason it was significant to your conversation is that it included people across class, race and gender lines in an unusual way for the time. The church at Cane Ridge is the largest log church in the Eastern U.S. and it's architectural history reflects the congregation's struggle with slavery and racism.

Three contemporary Christian denominations trace their roots here: the independent Christian Churches, the Church of Christ (noninstrumental) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).”

And this from a listener choosing to remain anonymous, “You all could do a good news story through NPR on the availability of workers in Texas.  If they exclude the illegal and undocumented Mexicans, I think they’re going to have trouble rebuilding.  It would be a wonderful news story to coincide with Trump and this other stuff happening on immigration.”

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