Lexington's Snow Removal Strategy For 2018-2019 Winter Season

Nov 12, 2018

Credit kentucky.com

Central Kentucky could see its first real dose of snow later this week.  Lexington’s streets and roads crews could be called on to spread salt. 

This year, the process of snow removal comes at a higher price.  Quite a bit higher, according to Lexington Public Works Commissioner Charlie Martin. “If a commodity that you use, at the level we use salt in a winter event, has increased by 33 percent, that’s a pretty big hit,” said Martin.

Martin says the city has about 3,000 tons of salt on hand right now.  That’s roughly enough to cover five snow events, each between one and four inches.  The commissioner says $350,000 has been budgeted to buy more salt this season.  Martin says the Lexington community typically sees about ten snow events annually.