Lexington's Partners For Youth Releases "I DO" List

Aug 7, 2019

Credit lexingtonky.gov

Lexington area youth can get involved in more than 40 free and affordable offerings through the 2019 “I DO” School Year Program.  They are coordinated through the long-standing Partners For Youth Program. 

West End Community Partners Coordinator Angie Green Hampton said there’s parental interest in the ever-growing list of after school activities. “In light of everything that is happening and the violence that’s going on, they want to keep their kids in after school programs during the school year, during spring and summer breaks and just all the time, so it’s very important that we provide that information to them,” said Green Hampton.

I DO stands for identifying, developing, and organizing partnerships.    The programs for students from elementary through high school levels include an educational talent search, a Caribbean steel pans class, and Girls Who Lead.  Partners For Youth’s mission is to promote positive youth development and to prevent juvenile delinquency through collaboration and capacity building.​

Here's the list of participating "I DO" organizations:

Partners for Youth website.

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