Lexington Rotarians Welcome Kentucky Gardener Jon Carloftis

Apr 19, 2018

Credit joncarloftis.com

One of Kentucky’s best known gardeners uses out of state appearances to spread the word about Kentucky’s attractions, which can offer a healthy boost in tourism dollars.  Jon Carloftis gave a presentation Thursday before the Lexington Rotary Club.

Jon Carloftis is a Rockcastle County native whose 25-year career in gardening has roots in New York City. He delivered a slide show and commentary to the Rotarians. Carloftis says he uses speaking engagements at place like the Orlando Museum of Art or the Charleston Horticulture Society to pitch visits to Kentucky. “People are sold and they want to come to Kentucky and I organize their trips and they come up in luxury buses.  50 on a bus.  They spend 40 to 50 thousand dollars,” said Carloftis.

As far as trends in gardening, Carloftis says many gardeners are getting more conscious of using plants less reliant on large doses of water.  He’s also become one of the country’s pioneers in rooftop and small space gardening for a unique view of the Bluegrass.