Lexington Reports First Flu-Related Death Of The Season

Jan 9, 2020

Credit kentucky.com

The first flu-related death in Lexington has been reported by the health department.   A Fayette County Health official said the traditional peak to the flu season still lies ahead.

Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall noted the flu-related death occurred in a person over 50 who had underlying health conditions.  Hall says it’s often unvaccinated people with compromised health who die.  Unfortunately, Hall said flu cases are common in central Kentucky right now.  “It’s a very strong start to the flu season.  We’ve had 141 confirmed cases in Lexington compared with 42 this time last year and we had a jump of 77 cases in one week.  We’re going to continue to see this go up,” said Hall.

Hall added it’s not too late to get a flu shot with the peak of the season typically coming in late January and February.  Hall said a busy pharmacy or doctor’s office should not deter those seeking a flu shot.  “I’ve heard some people talk about, there are waits at the pharmacy, but that’s because right now, so many people are sick.  Whether it’s the flu or sinus infections, this is just a bad time of the year for those illnesses.  So, don’t be put off.  If you see a line at your pharmacy or your medical provider is crowded, still wait it out, the flu shot is worth it,” said Hall.

If hit with the flu, the health department official strongly suggests staying home, getting lots of fluids and resting.

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