Lexington Police Department Reconsiders No Tattoo Policy

Mar 26, 2019

An example of what's now allowed in the Lexington Police Department.
Credit kentucky.com

Lexington police officers in uniform and those applying for a job in law enforcement can now have visible tattoos.  Chief Lawrence Weathers says the policy change has been considered for some time. The previous rules were restrictive.  He expects the new policy to increase the police applicant pool.

Fraternal Order of Police President Jason Rothermund agrees.  He recalls meeting an African American officer in Louisville, who said such a change would have him consider a move back to Lexington.

“It spoke volumes to me and it showed me what an important issue this truly was to the minority community…I would love to, if you all change that, I would absolutely try to transfer back to Lexington.  I would absolutely do anything I could to be a Lexington police officer,” said Rothermund.

The issue is not limited to African Americans. Many applicants, including those who have served in the military, have tattoos. 

Specific tattoo designs must still be approved by police administrators.  Certain tattoos are still prohibited including those that may be perceived to be or are vulgar, indecent, sexist, or racist.  Sleeve tattoos and tattoos that appear on the hands, neck, or above the neck are also prohibited.