Lexington Moms Demand Action Rep Lobbies Washington Leaders

Apr 22, 2019

Left to Right- Heidi Cortex-Columbine Shooting Survivor and Anita Franklin-Lexington Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America Rep.
Credit Anita Franklin

Anita Franklin spent two days in Washington last week. She spent time in Congressional offices talking about gun violence.  Franklin is a member of the Lexington chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  Her 14-year-old son Antonio was the victim of gun violence as a bystander in 2014.

ranklin says she believes she and other advocates for responsible gun use made headway during their time in D.C. “There was a lot of honesty at the table.  Most of the people that were at the table were faith-based groups.  My colleagues were from the faith based, so it was just a whole different perspective.”

Franklin and others who were hosted by the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute talked about universal background checks and the red flag law.  That’s when police or a family member can petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from persons deemed a present danger to others or themselves.  Franklin says she met Heidi Cortez there, a survivor of the Columbine school shooting 20 years ago.​ Cortez was also advocating for responsible gun ownership.