Lexington Mayor Proposes Funding Toward a Monument Recognizing History of Women

Apr 16, 2018

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington Council Member Jennifer Mossotti says Mayor Jim Gray’s suggested investment to fund a monument celebrating the history of women was, quote, “a better number than I expected.”  Gray proposed $100,000 go toward the initiative.  

Mossotti says the city money will be augmented through private fundraising.  “We do a lot of private fundraising.  We’re going to deal with other entities throughout the community.  By 2020 we are going to have in place a monument or some public art that will be dedicated to women in Lexington,” said Mossotti.

Mossotti anticipates a request for ideas of what the monument might look like or “a request for concept” should go out in the next couple of months.   “We’re looking for something more of a concept rather than a specific person,” noted Mossotti.  “So, that will give us an idea as far as the expense, at that time, we hope.”

Mossotti says the response to that request will help clarify the overall cost of the project.