Lexington Mayor-Elect Linda Gorton Announced Transition Plan

Dec 4, 2018

Linda Gorton, at podium, laid out her transition plans at a press conference.
Credit Stu Johnson

With her inauguration as Lexington’s next mayor just over a month away, Linda Gorton announced her transition team members Tuesday. The former vice mayor-turned-mayor predicts a seamless move from the Jim Gray administration to a Linda Gorton-run government.

Mayor-Elect Gorton says there will be no interruption in city services and progress will continue on long-range projects.  The retired nurse says the changing of local government leaders shouldn’t be taken for granted. “We know there are countries where this doesn’t happen.  We’re very lucky where we can have an election and then a very smooth transition between administrations,” said Gorton.

Former president of the Georgetown Toyota Manufacturing plant Wil James is co-chairing the transition team. “So we can talk about opportunities for improving the efficiency of the city, maybe improve how we communicate across departmental lines,” noted James.

The transition team recommendations are expected to be on Gorton’s desk by the end of the month.  Regarding changes in commissioners or mayoral staff, Gorton said it will be a mix of current employees and new workers.