Lexington Mayor: City Working With Feds On Immigration

Jan 13, 2020

Credit twitter.com

Legislation prohibiting public officials in cities across Kentucky from adopting, enacting, or enforcing any sanctuary policy regarding illegal immigration could get a vote in the senate in the second week of the session.  The mayor of the state’s second largest city said federal, state, and local authority on the matter is clear.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton noted the central Kentucky community is not a so called sanctuary city and never has been.  The first term mayor said the city is not authorized to carry out enforcement of federal policy.  But she added that Lexington officials will work with federal partners.  “If the federal partners, and there are many of them, request our assistance, we give it.  We follow the law on that.  Our police provide assistance when it’s requested,” said Gorton.

Gorton added, at the detention center, everyone booked into the jail is asked where they were born.  She said federal officials have access to that information.

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