Lexington Launches Social Media Campaign On Street Safety

Jun 30, 2019

Credit wkyt.com

The city of Lexington is launching a social media campaign in an effort to convince walkers, cyclists, and motorists to pay more attention to each other.  It’s a light-hearted approach to a serious subject.  The video campaign is being presented on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Environment Quality and Public Works Program Manager Angela Poe said the focus is to get people to thinking about distractions. “Everybody, no matter what mode of transportation you are taking seems to be more distracted these days, whether it’s because we’re stressed and thinking about 30 things while we’re getting where we need to go or we’ve got all these devices that can serve as distractions as well,” Poe said.

All the videos can be viewed on the city’s website.  The Safe Streets program is funded by the city and a Paula Nye Memorial Education grant.

Poe said the campaign includes a 360 degree video where viewers can interact with it. “Where people can kind of watch the video to see all the poor choices that people are making in various modes of transportation.  And then they can watch the whole scenario play out again where we kind of point out what people can do better,” noted Poe.

Material, which can be found on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, are available in both English and Spanish.  The Safe Streets Campaign, first launched in 2017, includes traffic box vinyl wraps, yard signs, and sidewalk stencils.​

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