Lexington Holds Free Flu Clinic

Oct 11, 2018

Paul Poland was one of the first in line at the flu clinic Thursday.
Credit Mary Meehan

A clinic at the Lexington-Fayette-County Health Department Thursday drew about 1,500 people looking for a free flu shot. There was a nearly full parking lot and a line before the doors even opened.

Paul Poland of Georgetown was one of the first to get the flu vaccine.

“Well, I have been getting my flu shot for years and years and years and have not got the flu yet, knock on wood. I think it’s extremely important that they are providing the service to keep people from getting the flu,” he said.

“With everybody in such close contact these days you really need to get protected. The flu is something you don’t want to mess with and I’m 65 and it impacts older people and people with chronic illness more than it would impact a 17 or 18-year-old kid,” he said.

People lined the hall filling out paperwork for their free flu shot on Thursday.
Credit Mary Meehan

It  is true that senior citizens and those with ongoing illnesses such as diabetes and asthma are at higher risk.

Health officials urge everyone to get a shot. Last year more than 300 people in Kentucky died of the flu. There has already been one flu-related death in Fayette County this year.

For more information about flu shots in Kentucky check out your local health department. Vaccines are also available at pharmacies and through your primary care doctor.