Lexington Hepatitis A Cases Go Well Beyond Food Handlers

Dec 14, 2018

Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

A Fayette County Health Department representative says hepatitis A cases in Lexington won’t level off until community immunity is built up through additional vaccinations.  

The most recent publicized hep A case involves a food handler at the Clarion Hotel kitchen.  But, Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall says the local outbreak goes far beyond eating establishments. “It’s definitely encouraged for food handlers to get the vaccination because we encourage the vaccination for everyone in Lexington.  It’s not just food handlers who are at risk here.  In fact, only about five percent of the cases in Lexington have involved food service workers.”

Hall says the Louisville community saw a leveling off of hepatitis A cases when large numbers of people got the preventive vaccine.  He says Lexington has seen more than a hundred cases since the outbreak started in Kentucky in November of 2017.