Lexington Council Takes Citizen Comments on Proposed City Hall Move

Aug 15, 2018

Crowd Gathered Just Before the Start of the Public Hearing Regarding a New Site for Lexington City Hall
Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington city council members spent close to three hours last night hearing citizen comments about a proposed plan to relocate city hall.  No vote was taken on the recommended move.

The only proposal currently up for a vote involves repurposing the Lexington-Herald Leader building at the corner of Main and Midland as a new city hall.  It would also feature a new police station and parking garage.  It involves a $175 million dollar cost over 35 years on a lease to own plan.  Former Vice Mayor Isabel Yates says the move would be an economic generator for the east end. “This is a very, very large piece of available land.  And it’s right in the city limits,” said Yates.

Developer Craig Turner says the redone Herald-Leader building would  provide efficient and easy access to city services.  Expressing opposition to the plan before council was Richard Getty. “Any time you have something pushed this hard that wasn’t scrutinized like it should have been, beware,” noted Getty.

Vice Mayor Steve Kay has indicated a council decision on the city hall project will come at a subsequent meeting.