Lexington Council Seeks More Involvement In Capital Construction Review

Oct 26, 2018

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington council members are asking for the ability to be more involved when city government considers certain capital construction projects. 

It stems partly from the council’s consideration this past summer of a proposed new city hall project.

Council voted ten to three this week in favor of being notified of the option to serve on committees in “request for proposal” or RFP public-private partnership projects.  Some council members expressed disappointment in not knowing more about the proposal to convert the Herald-Leader building into a new city hall.  It was ultimately rejected by council.  Council Member Susan Lamb admits that was part of the impetus for this action. “Perhaps some did have concerns with not having someone on the city hall RFP, but I think others thought it was just a good to add this in,” said Lamb.

If enacted at a subsequent meeting, the change would become part of the council’s rules and procedures.