Lexington Council To Revisit Building City Hall Above Transit Center

Oct 9, 2018

Credit yelp.com

Lexington city leaders will revisit a potential site for a new city hall.  Council members voted 8 -$ Tuesday to have engineers meet with them in November to hear about constructing government offices above the current transit center. 

Council Member Richard Moloney cited a letter from an engineering group stating such construction could safely be done. “It’s great news guys.  We can build on it.  And look at the other thing we can do.  It has the parking.  We don’t have to build any parking.  All our employees are there.  We can immediately start building on top,” said Moloney.

A previous review of the airspace above the transit center indicated it couldn’t support a structure on top. Council Member Fred Brown agrees with giving it a second look. “It’s not that we’re going to make a decision on a specific location.  I would like to know if we can build on that as one of our alternatives,” explained Brown.

Vice Mayor Steve Kay voted no, saying it would be better to wait until the first of the year with a newly elected council to look at all options. 

Moloney along with fellow council members Susan Lamb and Fred Brown all said it’s about getting information and not making a final decision.