Lexington Council Moves Bridge Demolition Onto Docket

Sep 26, 2018

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington council members appear ready to move forward with the demolition of a downtown street bridge to further work on a major capital construction project. 

The discussion Tuesday included concerns about increased traffic congestion once the bridge comes down.

The demolition of the Jefferson Street bridge is called for as part of the construction of a new multi-million dollar convention center and downtown park.  With council approval, Lexington Center Corporation President Bill Owen says the bridge tear down could begin in mid October. “If that doesn’t occur and there are further delays with that, it impacts schedule.  And with construction, you impact schedule, you impact cost,” said Owen.

Council Member Angela Evans believes tearing down the Jefferson Street bridge could increase traffic congestion. “If this does go through, it is our duty to give them alternative ways to get around this area,” said Evans.

Members of Main Street Baptist Church renewed their request for additional temporary parking spaces, once the bridge comes down. Final action by council is slated for mid October.