Lexington Council Discusses Public Notification for Public Safety Disciplinary Actions

May 2, 2018

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington council members Tuesday discussed whether the public should be made more aware when firefighters or police officers are up for disciplinary measures.

Member Angela Evans moved that any actions should be listed on meeting dockets presented to council.  “I’m not asking for any names.  I’m not asking for any kind of identifying information.  But simply notification to the public that disciplinary action will be presented to this council,” said Evans.

Council Member Fred Brown suggested hearing from public safety officials before voting. “I would really like to have their input on why they don’t do it now and if there is any problems with, I don’t know that there is any problems,” noted Brown.  “I don’t think there should be.”

Council Member Richard Moloney asked if the issue is covered in public safety collective bargaining agreements.  Keith Horn, with the city’s law department said disciplinary procedures are covered in those agreements, but not specifically public notification.  “The idea of having something on the docket that simply says there may be a disciplinary matter, doesn’t necessarily strike me as prohibitive,” explained Horn.

Council Member Susan Lamb suggested the matter could be examined as council takes up rules and procedures.  Evans withdrew her motion but said she would push for future action.