Lexington Council To Consider Jail Funding

Oct 23, 2019

file photo
Credit kentucky.com

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said she will recommend additional funding to address ongoing concerns at the Fayette County jail. 

Gorton updated council members this week on her fact-finding examination at the detention center. Gorton said she had made unannounced visits to the jail and had talked with staff.

“We have had difficulties for a long time out there, so what we’ve done in the past hasn’t worked.  So, we need to think creatively about other ways to fix these problems,” said Gorton.

Jail employees have expressed concerns about overcrowded conditions, overworked staff, and morale.  Gorton said she has made unannounced visits during different shifts, talked to employees at different levels, and gotten a picture of consistent issues. 

Council Member Richard Moloney asked about an outside review.  “Maybe it’s not the employees that’s the problem, it’s the system the way it is.  Maybe in 1999, it was totally different than what it is today and I just think maybe getting an outside consultant in here to look at the ideas to see if we are going the right way,” noted Moloney.

Council will be considering how to spend surplus funding in the weeks ahead as well as how to address ongoing issues at the jail.​

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