Lexington Council Consider E-Scooter Ride Sharing

Aug 15, 2018

Credit lexingtonky.gov

Lexington city leaders are considering ways to incorporate pay per minute electric scooter ride sharing.  Such thin two wheeled slow speed scooters are not currently found in the bluegrass community.

Council member Jake Gibbs asked for approval Tuesday for a pilot program involving the Spin Company.  Gibbs says more and more e-scooters are being offered along with standard bike ride sharing. “The trend is much more moving toward the scooters.   I like the healthy aspect of pedaling myself.  But the fact is a lot of people won’t get on a bike, but will get on a scooter and they have ecological impact in that way,” said Gibbs.

Lexington Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator Scott Thompson told council some companies are dumping large numbers of their e-scooters unannounced in U.S. communities.  He said this pilot program would allow Lexington to set up regulations before it begins next spring. 

Council Member Angela Evans said scooters are very different from traditional pedal bikes and would attract a whole other population of people using them.

Evans told Lexington Pedestrian and Bike Coordinator Scott Thompson more study in committee is needed.  “That conversation could be had in committee.  I just don’t see the need for the ordinance right now,” said Evans

“The scooter companies will be here if we don’t do this regardless.  And it won’t be Spin.  It will be Byrd and Lime and they will launch on our public right of way and we won’t be able to do anything about it,” responded Thompson.

Council opted not to act on the ordinance now, but placed the item into committee.