Lexington Council Committee Gets MetroNet Update

Sep 24, 2018

Credit lexingtonky.gov

The Indiana based MetroNet company is working to bring fiber optic connections to homeowners in Lexington.  MetroNet representatives offered an update on installation progress during last week’s Lexington council committee meeting. 

Dave Fritz directs the field work.  He says individual homeowners need to make the call, when accidental utility interruptions occur. “I can call them and say hey Time Warner, something got hit here, or Windstream or whoever the provider is.  Can you come out here and fix this?  They can, but it’s got to be a ticket generated from the homeowner. So, they might not show up based on me calling them.  They have to respond to a customer calling them,” explained Fritz.

12th District Council Representative Kathy Plomin asked Fritz to remember rural residents.  “I know the density is not out there, that you would like, but let’s not forget about it and let’s see what we can do,” said Plomin

“Absolutely not, I love running down roads wide open.  I’d rather do that than pass 500 homes,” responded Fritz.

“But, hook them up.  That’s all I ask, hook them up,” said Plomin.

MetroNet General Manager Darrick Zucco told council members some 3000 households are serviceable.  He added he believes his company can string fiber optic cable throughout Lexington in three years.