Lexington Code of Ordinances Under Review

Sep 5, 2017

Credit dhbc.ky.gov

Lexington's council is in the midst of revising its code of ordinances in the areas of neglected housing and nuisances. 

Lexington Code Enforcement Director Ken Armstrong briefed the council’s Planning and Public Safety Committee on changes last week.

Armstrong says the revisions will help his staff move more quickly on abandoned properties.

“If someone has literally abandoned a property, that they’ve walked away from it, they don’t care anymore, what we’re trying to do is speed up the process and get that into somebody else’s hands that will actually take interest the property and fix it,” said Armstrong.  “Ultimately we want the property owner to fix it themselves.  Not for us to force them to do it.”

Armstrong says the change in this chapter of the code of ordinances can help reduce the possibility of one blighted property causing a domino effect leading to more run down properties. 

If given final approval by the council, the code enforcement director says the changes would go into place in 2018.